Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Sound of Creation

I am thrilled to find that I am still moved by art in unspeakable ways. Ways that make me feel alive, wide-eyed, and connected with all in the universe. It might sound cliché, but I suspect that there are many out there who would understand what I'm saying. I'm taking a modern art class (an indulgence on my part) and my professor set what she calls a "looking assignment". We have to go to a gallery, observe an original work of art, and write a reflective essay on the piece. In general, it sounds simple - cut and paste, black and white...and yet somehow it turned into so much more.

Over time I've developed a general distaste for the masses. Modern society has bred such rude, self-centered, egotistical, greedy (need I go on?) people who trudge through life and drag other people along. We become so engrossed in our own lives that we often forget that there are other people that take our actions (or neglect) to heart. I am one of those people that can be so affected by the attitudes and "vibes" of others. As the daily ritual consumes my life, I forget that there are other people suffering the same commonplace woes. That there are vibrant, beautiful, spiritual, and emotionally aware beings that are dying to channel that energy into something, anything, to convey those feelings - that moment.

I suppose for the first time in a long time I'm actually really grateful for homework, heh.

When you walk into the Charles H. Taylor gallery on any given day, you're usually greeted by complete silence and the smell of oil and acrylic paints. As I began to walk around I noticed that this exhibit was called "Family of Man". Profound title? Yeah, but I often feel somewhat overwhelmed when I'm surrounded by large-scale works of art, so that wasn't surprising to me. What did surprise me was the incredibly powerful feeling of awe that washed over me. That there are artists out there with the vision to see what typically isn't be seen has always amazed me. It's hard to explain, but perhaps one day I'll find the words. Here's a few photos from the gallery. None of these pieces belong to me, nor did I create them.

This particular piece is called Cyber Family. I love multimedia works, and this sculpture is a prime example of what makes modern man tick. Technology is both a blessing and a curse. It can brings us closer, or drive us further than ever before.

I suppose I can only immerse myself in art, and in life, and hope that someday I'll have the vision (and maybe a sliver of talent) to make something that can move people the way I have been so moved.

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Therapeutic Ramblings said...

Part of me loves it...and part of me abhors it. I think the issue is people use technology to "stay connected" while not actually connecting.